Making Money With Site Flipper

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Once I decided to become a site Flipper, I decided on a couple of other things as well. First, I wanted to use a WordPress website, and second, I wanted to get in on affiliate marketing with the site and make a little cash on the side.

A WordPress Website

I have heard a lot about WordPress over the years, but most of that was regarding the blogging platform. Once I began doing my own investigation I discovered that it is also a fabulous platform for a website. It automatically optimizes the website for search engine, even offering recommendations for the best keywords. This alone is a big plus, as without SEO you have nothing in your website. SEO gets you results within the search engines  and is so beneficial especially in my case of trying to sell my website. It’s also really easy to setup, there are plenty of online tutorials, I found and followed one at: http://www.simplewebtutorial.com/

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

I chose affiliate marketing with Amazon because it is a company that I trust. I’ve always shopped with them and been more than satisfied with the entire experience, from the low prices and wide selection of goods to  the guarantees and amazing customer service. I know there are thousands to millions of others who feel the very same way that I did about Amazon so I could earn a lot of extra money promoting the right product.

I took the time to learn popular products and what is really selling on Amazon before I chose a product, and I am certain that I will be going back and getting in on more products with affiliate before all is said and done.

An Amazing Creation

I created a great affiliate marketing site in no time at all. It looks great and I know that it is really doing everything I had hoped for and then some. I sold that site as a site flippa and cam awaiting my newest website creation. I will, without doubt, use WordPress once again as it really impressed me.

Honestly I think I found the winning combination. My site was on page one within about three and a half months, and it sold so quickly at a great price. If that weren’t enough I am still making money off the Amazon affiliate program, too.

This has been a truly remarkable experience for me that I have thoroughly enjoyed. It has changed my life for the better and I couldn’t be any happier with it.


Going, Going, Gone

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Well, it has been just one week since I listed my site on Flippa, and would you believe that is has already sold? The auction went wonderfully, and in 7 days the high bidder on my site was $350! That is $350 of cash for my hard work, time and creativity. I couldn’t be happier. Toss in the fact that I started bidding at $75 and I feel even more confident in my abilities.

The Flippa Experience

I must say that I really enjoyed the entire Flippa.com experience from the start to the finish. I loved how easy it was to create the website. I really did not know if I could do it when I first began, but WordPress made it possible, as well as my determination backed behind it. Flippa has low priced listings that are so much fun and so easy. And, they allow you to choose your favorite options so you get just what you want.

In the Future

I have had so much fun as a site Flippa and with my experience I am already working on the creation of my new website. I am planning to conduct things in the very same manner, choosing an affiliate product from Amazon, taking my time and using a themes that is most suitable for the item I have chosen. I will ensure that I take the time to put the best of content and fresh links so the products sell themselves and more commission can be made.

I enjoyed my first website but I certainly want to improve on what I did last time and hopefully make more money while I do. That would be the most awesome thing in the world. How often do you get the chance to do something that is fun and enjoyable and makes great money at the same time? It is easy to make a website and the amount of profit that you can be made is absolutely incredible.

Still Unbelievable

My experience is still unbelievable to me. I honestly cannot believe how fast it was sold as well as how much it sold for. It was fun and easy and something that I would recommend you try your hand at. Chances are you will like it just as much as I do and find it a easy and profitable way to make good cash with little effort involved.


The Site is Complete

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After designing and researching, tweaking and making improvements, the affiliate site is now complete and I couldn’t be happier. As I’ve mentioned before I am very proud of this site and my accomplishments. It looks amazing and there is no question in my mind that it is not going to be a hit on Flippa.com. I cannot wait to get this site listed and get it sold!

Listing On Flippa. Com

Listing on Flippa was really easy and also affordable. Those are both things that I appreciate when I am doing anything. There were a couple of different listing options available, with the lowest package offered at just $9! For this small amount you can list your website for sale and expect it to be saw by thousands of people ready   to turn their life around and make money. I designed this site to do just that.

Placing my listing was quick and pain-free. It took me less than 10 minutes to get everything started and finished, and 10 minutes is no time at all considering the product that can be made after the listing goes live for the world to see.

I was more than impressed with what I learned about my Flippa listing as well. Not only would the listing  reach the U.S., it would also go global and reach an international audience as well. And, it recommended by well-known brands such as Forbes, Mashable, Inc. and TechCrunch.

Options Available

There were two selling options available- the public auction and the private sale. I chose public auction as I figured this would help me get more buyers. Maybe I was right, I don’t know. I do know that something did the trick very well and that makes me very, very happy!

I was able to  choose the starting bid on my website, which was something that I really appreciated the ability to do. While I wanted to make money, I also wanted to ensure that I also gave consumers a good deal they could appreciate. I started the bidding for my site at just $75. I was confident in my site so this allowed me to do what without a bit of worry.

Well, now everything is done. The site is listed and we will just see what happens. Hopefully things will go well for me. I am happy with the site, happy with Flippa and hope that happiness will continue when it quickly sells.


The Work is Almost Done

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The Site Flippa website is going great so far. It is almost ready, as I have already created the basic design and have been adding new content on a consistent basis as well as those all-important product links.

An Enjoyable Experience

It has been a gratifying experience figuring out how to create a website I can say that for sure. Something that I am really enjoying doing and loving it more and more. I have carefully chosen the content to place on the site,  ensuring that it all represents my affiliate products in the best of light. I want those who visit the site to be impressed. I want them to say wow and click that link to purchase it. I love money if nothing else, and want those people to buy, buy, buy.

That is what is so awesome about the Amazon Affiliate program. You can earn an unlimited amount of money earning commissions each and every time someone buys the product. So, naturally I want them to sell.

The Chosen Theme

Choosing the theme was not easy. I searched high and I searched low. I was impressed with the WordPress themes. There were tons of them, with thousands you could choose for free. I did choose a paid theme in the end, but am confident  with that purchase and that theme. It stood out in my mind far greater than any of the others, and I think that it is coming along perfectly with the content that is going up.

What’s To Come?

I have high expectations for this website and I truly do see potential in it. I’m not saying it because I am the one who created it. I’ve asked a ton of people and they all agree the site is on point. It is an accomplishment I am pretty proud of, especially since this was my first go at website design.

Everyone has offered me compliment after compliment and showed a genuine interest in what I showed them. You can just look at someone and tell when they like something, and again, I don’t want to burst my own bubble, but, if the shoe fits, I must wear it.

I think that I will continue to add a bit more site and make a few tweaks here and there. I want it to be something that leaves people impressed and ready to swipe that credit card. So far I am doing well and should have the site up and going within the next couple of weeks, if all goes well.


The Site Flipper

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I’ve always loved working on and with computers, so when I discovered the chance to work as a site Flippa and make a great income working from home at my own leisure, I jumped on the opportunity. I am certainly happy that was the decision that I made. So far, so good, and I certainly see many great things ahead in my future.

What is a Site Flippa?

As a Site Flippa my job would be to design websites and sell them for a profit. As I mentioned I love computers and felt this was a job that I could perform well and would enjoy doing it. I immediately embarked upon my adventure and began building my first website.

It was affordable to get started, and was really easy. That was a really important factor to me. I love computers but what I hate is  those hard to use programs and apps that give me a headache trying to install or do what I wanted to do. The Site Flippa really put a smile upon my face.

It was actually much easier than what I had anticipated before, and yes, this was my very first time designing a site. Everything was self-guided and pretty much showed me how to build a website based on my personal category.

More Time Gained

Since it was easier than I thought, the amount of time I expected to put into the creation of the website greatly diminished. I wanted to get the site as perfect as possible, so I took even extra time than what I would have needed to build it I am certain. But, the final product was well worth that few extra minutes of time. The site came out as close to perfect as one could want, and I was really proud of myself and what I had created all on my own, with the benefit of making some money in the end. It was still all so simple.  Creating the site was plenty of fun and I cannot wait to do it again.

I know that the amount of money that I can make being a Site Flippa is tremendous. That is another factor that I like- you can choose how many or how few sites that you design, ultimately determining the amount of money that is made. It is all up to you to determine the amount you will earn! What is cooler than that?